The Best WordPress Themes for Videographers 2018

If you're a videographer, it can be hard to find a good WordPress theme.  There are tons of themes for photography professionals, but many of them don't have all of the functionality that you need as a videographer.  So today, we're going to look at WordPress themes that are built for videographers -- or have the functionality that videographers need. 

That means built in integration with video sites like Youtube and Vimeo, an interface that looks clean and supports videos without crashing the browser.  

So without further ado, let's look at the best WordPress themes for videographers.

The Best WordPress Job Board Plugins/Themes for 2018

Looking to build a jobs site? It turns out, it's pretty easy -- all you need is WordPress an one of the many great plugins/themes listed below.

There are a million reasons that you would want to build a job board.  If you have a startup, you can save thousands, and plenty of time, by using WordPress and a plugin instead of building something from scratch. Or if you have a recruiting website, you may want to include job posting and search functionality.

Regardless of the reasons, there are many ways in which you can turn WordPress into an excellent job board.  We've taken a look at dozens of solutions for building a job board, and found the best ones to list below.  These are the ones that have all of the functionality you would expect in a job board, including applications, resume management, and job search.  They also are the ones that are most highly reviewed.

So without further ado, check out the following job board plugins/themes, and let us know which ones you like:

Best WordPress Themes For Speakers, Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers 2018

If you're a speaker, life coach, fitness coach, or branding expert, we've got the roundup for you.  We scoured the internet (and believe us, it's not easy) to find the best WordPress themes for you.  

In this roundup, we've collected the 10 best themes for speakers, coaches, and experts.  We tried to find ones that had features like an engagement/event calendar, a subscription or newsletter function, and social media connectivity.  However, we also included some themes that didn't have that functionality but were still really nice.

Check out the round up and let us know what you think.

The 50 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes of 2018 (Free and Paid)

Want to use WordPress to build your eCommerce site?  Well, you're in luck.  There are plenty of options to help you do that.  From simple, free themes, to comprehensive, feature packed ones, there's bound to be one that suits your needs.

But which one should you choose? We took a look at hundreds and hundreds of themes available from different stores, and found some of our favorite free and paid themes.  In our opinion, these are the best looking, cleanest themes available for WooCommerce on WordPress.  There are themes for all different types of stores, from furniture to clothes to digital goods..

Check out our list below, and let us know if you think something else deserves to be on the list!

Best WordPress Themes for Actors and Actresses 2018

As an actor or actress, you want to stand out.  And to do that, you need a great website to show off your previous work, headshots, and more.  WordPress makes a great option for this, but you'll need an interesting, yet professional theme in order to not get lost among other sites.

So today we're looking at a roundup of some of the best sites for actors and actresses.  Take a look at these and tell us what you think.

The Best Places to Buy WordPress Themes 2018

There are tons of places to find themes for WordPress on the internet.  Of course, you can take a look at the WordPress website for open source themes.  But if you're looking for something more professional or additional features, you need to look elsewhere.

In this roundup, we will take a look at the top places online to find themes.  These are places where you can buy professionally designed, top quality themes -- generally for low prices.  

Take a look at our list, and let us know what you think...

Best WordPress Membership Plugins 2018

It can be difficult to build a membership site on WordPress.  WordPress was not really designed for the complexities of membership sites, and so a lot of the functionality needs to be retrofit or modified in some way. 

Luckily a lot of developers are up to the challenge, and they have built excellent plugins that do everything you need.  And you have several different options depending on what you are looking to do.

In this article, we take a look at the best plugins and engines for building a membership site.  Once you have picked a plugin, you will also need a theme -- if the plugin doesn't come with it -- so you should check out our related themes as well (click on the link below).  There's some overlap between the two roundups, because many of the plugins and themes come together in a package, but there are also some differences.


Looking for themes for a membership site? Check out Best WordPress Membership Site Themes's the roundup of our choices of the best membership plugins:


The Best LearnDash Themes for WordPress 2018

LearnDash is by far the best LMS for WordPress, and it's the easiest way to build a WordPress educational site with all of the bells and whistles.  But it's not a theme -- so once you get LearnDash, you'll need to pick a theme that suits your institution.  

Now, LearnDash is compatible with most themes, so you can use one of the built in WordPress themes, or a free theme from the WordPress website.  However, that won't make your site look as good as possible.  And it won't have all of the special page designs needed for a learning website. That's why many third parties create themes that are designed and tested by their creators to work with LearnDash.

So in today's roundup, we take a look at the best themes out there that are specifically designed for use with LearnDash, and compare their features.   Take a look and let us know what you think. 

The Best Free (or Really Cheap) WordPress Church Themes of 2018

Whether you are just starting to build your first church website, or you are rebuilding and refreshing a current site, WordPress is a great solution.  But there are so many different options for building your church website.  You can choose a simple WordPress theme that just gives your site a nice look and feel, or you can pick something more comprehensive, that includes features such as sermon management and an events calendar.  

In this article, we will take a look at several different free or cheap WordPress church themes, and compare them based on look and functionality.   All of these are hand picked and are the best of the best options out there.

Take a look at them, and let us know what you think.

The Best WordPress Themes For Membership Sites 2018

Building a complete membership site can be hard.  Generally, there are plenty of pieces available, but putting them together and getting them all to work correctly can require a rocket scientist.  WordPress can help with building a membership site, but you need to make plenty of modifications in order to get it to work.  You can either do that by hiring a developer, or you can get a theme or plugin that does everything for you.

Unfortunately, there are very few themes/plugins that have everything needed for a membership site.  To make the best use of WordPress, you need a visual design as well as a large amount of additional functionality.

For this roundup, we looked at dozens of different themes (and plugins, etc.) from different companies.  We tried to find things that a good membership website needs.  These include: paid registration, community functions, and sharing.  We also looked for a clean and professional design, as well as some important features such as mobile friendliness.

So here goes the roundup...

14+ Best WordPress Coupon & Deals Themes for 2018 (for Creating Retailmenot or Groupon Style Websites)

For this article, we’ve gathered up the best WordPress coupon themes available for 2018.  If you’re an affiliate looking to start a deals and discounts website built on the WordPress platform, these are the themes you’re looking for. Let us be frank: there’s not many of these coupon themes on the market.  There are some […] Continue reading…

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